Personal Motivation Calendar

Personal Motivation Calendar 2.3

This is a simple, easy to install and use self-motivation software
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Personal Motivation Calendar is simple, easy to install and use self-motivation software. It helps to monitor your life flow with uncompromising you-life-only calendar and helpful accessible from System Tray 100-hour clock. It provides very effective approach to organise tasks and set priorities with classical four-quadrant technique. It also provides special MotivateMe! section that contains practically approved recommendations from well-known time-management specialists to solve most common motivation problems and challenges.
- simple and intuitive user interface
- uncompromising your-life-only calendar
- classical four-quadrant approach to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance criteria's
- helpful 100-hour clock with daily progress bar
- special MotivateMe! section with proven recommendations to solve common motivation problems
- displays icon with 100-hour clock in System Tray
- GTD Timer with attractive interface and great usability
- fast and reliable installer/uninstaller

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